In the various  newspapers, network news articles, blogs with specific quotes, stated more eloquently at that time the feelings of minority groups. From the perspectives of both liberal (SFGateSeattle Times), and conservative (CBN News via Internet Way Back Machine, Financial Times, and (WSJ) media, as well both democrat and republicans discoursed on how they view slight was seen in 2007.

Now in 2012, that slight has occurred again in the comments by Mitt Romney in referring to the 47 percent to a private fundraiser. Romney tells his audience perspective on how he sees the electorate. For many, this revelation was new, but for some, the critics who have watched Romney run for the presidency more than eight years it was not. His facade is the republican facade and their shared ideology.

In 2007, when an opportunity to step up to the plate to lead, to find compromise on controversial issues, no one is there in the batter box. Leading republicans had an opportunity to show that they represent all Americans, and even though they may not agree on all issues, at least to say, “I am here to participate in the discussion.” However, these men were not, Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Thompson state that they had scheduling conflicts. If you believe that, I have some beach front property for you in Colorado.

In January and February 2012, opportunities to lead or at least show that he, Mitt Romney, had a "backbone," decided to "nuance," to "massage,"  to "cower" instead of speaking out with courage. For instance, Mitt Romney had the chance to stand up to the controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh for referring Sandra Fluke as a "slut," because of her testimonial and defense for access to contraceptives but instead wavered.

 A Contraceptive Study (link) reveals that abortion rates are reduced, when free access to contraceptives are given. This study, which was revealed recently, contradicts the beliefs of the religious and far fringe right. Furthermore, as of August 1, 2012, the Affordable Care Act requires that major medical healthcare plans, both group and individual, provide free contraceptive coverage for women. This new required coverage was the center of the debate of last February instilling a false sense of loss liberty for those caught in patriotic jingoism and religious idealism.

Mitt Romney response, as put forth by David Axelrod, was "Cowardly" as the surrounding controversy around Sandra Fluke and contraceptive debate exploded. Admittedly, Romney was trying to assuage his conservative republican base, but his tempered response left the general public cold and the night time comedians folly. One does not need to pander phony considerations, such as giving an apology for slavery, segregation (Governor Brownback), or trying to create another program for housing opportunity for minorities (ex-Governor Huckabee), or even for sexist remarks (Limbaugh); it is not necessary.

What matters, as the bottom feeding candidates did in 2007, was to show up, whether it is physically or viscerallyShowing up is half the battle in trying to resolve issues and differences and finding compromises.  A mere five years later, the republican party has failed to be inclusive on any level. Mitt Romney appearance at NAACP, at the very least, was a political calculation -- but for most observers it came across as patronizing.

There are traditional demographic tendencies that are severely stacked against a republican. And, I concede that it may be perceived as a waste of time and resources; however, as a presidential candidate (as president), and as a person, who wants to represents all of America, it might be advisable to show up to a few minority groups voting blocs to show that one represents all Americans.

 It is easy to go places where everyone loves you and agrees with you and does not take much to persuade them, but a true measure of a leader is making the tough decisions, trying to persuade those who do not agree with you.

The ability to find compromise with those that you may not agree with you, but in the end of the day, realizing that we, born as citizens, or those immigrate (legally) to become citizens, want the same thing to be Americans and are Americans. No matter if you are a person of color or white, dropping the hyphenation between our ethnicities, Irish, Italian, Mexican, or African, we are Americans first. The failure of Mitt Romney to see this in his commentary regarding the 47 percent (was) and is not only disconcerting only for minorities, but to all Americans of any color or socioeconomic group. This is not end of the world type issue, but it could surely handicaps the vision of a country that says, we are for all creeds, ethnicities, colors, and class.